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    • by consideration of bioenergetic, geobiological, electrobiological, building biological as well as optical and aesthetic aspects
    • by selecting light sources
    • by selecting fragrances and essential oils
    • by selection of colors
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Health coaching with me does not equal nutritional counseling, despite my training as a “consultant for integrative nutrition and health”, as according to Austrian law in Austria this field of work is reserved to medical doctors, nutritionists and dietitians. These professions are experts in working with ill people.

My work is aimed at healthy people. People who recognize the importance of health and are interested in learning more about their bodies and optimizing their wellbeing and health. The nutrition training I offer (also called nutritional coaching) is designed to inspire my clients to take their own health into their own hands.

Sleep coaching is a major focus area of my work as a holistic health coach. It is a non-medical, non-medicinal counseling for people with sleep problems. It is not psychotherapy either. If you suffer from sleep disorders, always consult with your doctor first.

You will not receive medical advice or healing promises from me. My health coaching is no substitute for medical diagnosis, advice and treatment by a physician, dietician, nutritionist, psychotherapist or other therapist.

The contents of my blog (which is in German language) are based on personal experiences, opinions and information gathered from freely accessible sources. All tips mentioned are for personal information only and do not replace a doctor’s visit and do not provide therapy recommendations.

All information on my website has been compiled with the utmost care, corresponds to the latest scientific knowledge and has been independently researched and processed to the best of our knowledge and belief. Therefore, for each report, if available, the corresponding literature is given. For topicality, correctness, completeness and quality of the information no responsibility is provided. Liability claims against Mag. Klaudia Schuh, which are caused by the use or disuse of the information provided and by the use of incomplete or incorrect information, are excluded. Likewise, no liability for the contents of external links is taken over. The content of the linked pages is the sole responsibility of their operators. The author hereby declares that at the time of linking no illegal content was recognizable on the linked pages. However, a permanent content control of the linked pages is not feasible without concrete evidence of an infringement. Upon notification of violations, links of this kind will be removed immediately.


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