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Where does my passion for health, nutrition and sleep come from?

My journey to taking back personal responsibility for my own health

I have been suffering from Hashimoto, an autoimmune thyroid disease, for what feels like an eternity. Looking back, I think I got the disease during my childhood years. I received the official diagnosis at the age of 20. I was always very tired and exhausted and struggled with my weight. But since I paid attention to regular exercise, I had at least the weight part always well under control. … until after the birth of my second son.

Everything changed then. I was extremely tired and exhausted … of course the new situation with a toddler in his best terrible-two’s stage and a baby was to blame, right? I could not lose weight, not a pound … therefore eat less and do more exercise (the certainly well-meant advice of my doctor, since my thyroid levels were apparently okay). Even less?! And when exactly was I supposed to workout – between caring for my baby and toddler and total exhaustion?

For several weeks I suffered immensely from the lack of energy I was dealing with. Right at a time when my family needed me the most. By chance, I came across this book one day: “Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests are Normal?” by Datis Kharrazian. How accurate and to the point! I got and read it within a few days. According to the information in this book and many others I read, I gradually changed my whole diet and way of life.

All these changes enabled my body to recover and heal. The more I researched and learned, the more I changed in my life – and the more my life changed. I found the perfect diet for me and began to prioritize certain things differently. My acne (which I had suffered badly from since I was 10 years old) disappeared and I lost 15 kg within a few weeks, despite being hypothyroid during all this time.

I felt better and fitter but was still tired and exhausted. So I finally dealt with my sleep, an issue I had neglected all my life. In spite of the sleep robbing family situation (baby in the house), I worked very hard on my sleep habits and my stress management. And lo and behold, for the first time in years I experienced what it felt like to be able to go through the day full of energy and strength.

It was a long and rocky road, but eventually I felt very good again and full of energy, a feeling that I had missed for a very long time in my life. My blog consists of detailed information on this alternative health journey of mine. It is written in German language, so if German is no problem for you, click here to get to my blog.

My training

What I have learned and experienced in the last few years has been that the environment that surrounds us as well as the type of food we eat both have an immense impact on the quality of our life and wellbeing. Absolutely fascinated by this fact I completed in-depth training in the following areas, in addition to my business/MBA studies, which I had completed many years prior:


My goal

As a mother of two children, as a wife, as a devout Christian and as an entrepreneur in the health business, it is important to me to be a role model for a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, as a holistic health and sleep coach it is my goal to introduce you step by step to my knowledge of nutrition, sleep science and minimization of environmental impacts in order to accompany you with small incremental lifestyle changes on your way to a healthier and more vital life. I look forward to meeting you!



Legal information: The holistic health advice I offer, including nutritional training and sleep counseling, does not represent medical advice or a promise to heal and does not replace medical diagnosis, advice and treatment by a physician, dietician, psychotherapist or other therapist.

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